Monthly Archives: February 2019

  • As an author, do you need a publisher?

    It’s a great question. In this day and age, do you need a publisher, or should you self publish? Your uncle’s friend’s nephew’s sister can do all the design for you, right? Well, maybe. Unless they are a qualified graphic designer, with skills in book production, not so fast. The bottom line is that there […]

  • Is a Word doc to PDF suitable for a format?

    If you go into any bookshop, or if you browse your library of books, while we all judge a book by its cover, stop for a moment and take a look at the internal pages. Naturally, you’ll notice the grainy paper. That will stand out, as all good books are published at book printers, not […]

  • Do I need an e-book?

    e-books hit the market touted as the next big thing. Most predicted that the e-book was going to do to print books what itunes did to the CD. How wrong they were. At one point, e-book sales were high, but by 2017, this figured dropped to only 19%. So only one in 5 books sold […]

  • Leveraging the power of the press release

    Are press releases alive, dead, or somewhere in between? That’s a great question, and we are glad you asked! Two industries have changed forever: one is media, the other is retail. Both businesses have had a dramatic change in the way people both consume media and buy product. The bottom line is that they do […]

  • Why the book is ‘the new business card’

    Business cards have served their purpose, but is it time for something more? Once upon a time, that card used to be enough to win business. But times are changing. That little rectangle holds information on how to get in contact with you, but it holds nothing more. This is the 21st century and with […]

  • Should authors be blogging?

    The role of an author has changed dramatically as the way books are sold has changed. In the ‘good old days,’ which really was only a few years ago, the publisher helped do a lot of the work. Their sales and distribution team opened the doors for authors. They were able to encourage retailers to […]

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