Leveraging the power of the press release

Are press releases alive, dead, or somewhere in between? That’s a great question, and we are glad you asked!

Two industries have changed forever: one is media, the other is retail. Both businesses have had a dramatic change in the way people both consume media and buy product. The bottom line is that they do both online.

That’s a major hurdle for authors, as people used to buy books by browsing the aisles of bookshops. The retailer in fact controlled what you bought because they controlled what you saw. If they stocked a book, it sold. If they decided not to, well…

A press release in and of itself is a waste of time – unless you have a solid database of people to send it to. Just writing a press release and then publishing it on your website won’t really cut it. You need to ensure that you’re releasing it through a company that has extensive databases, and as such has the ability to get your message in front of journalists and media contacts who can actually do something with it.

Faith Newswire is a press release service with a database of over 10,200 Christian and mainstream media contacts. For $99, you can send a blast to this massive database of media contacts. In addition, all releases sent out by Faith Newswire automatically appear on the popular My Christian Daily news site.

For more information, visit wwwhttp://www.faith-newswire.com .faith-newswire.com

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