Do I need an e-book?

e-books hit the market touted as the next big thing. Most predicted that the e-book was going to do to print books what itunes did to the CD. How wrong they were.

At one point, e-book sales were high, but by 2017, this figured dropped to only 19%. So only one in 5 books sold was an e-book. that figure has not changed too much through to today.

However, that figure is largely irrelevant to an author because you want to make your book available to as many people as possible. And if they happen to prefer e-books over print, then your book needs to be available in that format.

Most authors are not aware that an e-book is not that much additional work, once you have a print format in place. A publisher will format for print, and then they will take this file and create both a .mobi and ePub. Well, the publisher won’t, but one of the design team will.

These are the two files that are compatible for both e-tailers and distributors. If you have gone to the trouble of producing a print book, then it really is not a lot more work or cost to get your e-book files.

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