Is a Word doc to PDF suitable for a format?

If you go into any bookshop, or if you browse your library of books, while we all judge a book by its cover, stop for a moment and take a look at the internal pages.

Naturally, you’ll notice the grainy paper. That will stand out, as all good books are published at book printers, not on standard ‘Kinkos’-style presses. But what you will also notice, which is more subtle, is the use of fonts and headings on the pages.

Books are written in Word, but publishing houses do not take a Word document and save it as a PDF and call this a ‘format’. And neither should you…

Good books are formatted in a proper design program to get the finish that you find when you thumb though copies from reputable publishing houses. In fact it is not that big a fee to design an internal layout. Our cost is $450, but that gives you access to a proper designer who knows books, knows layout, and has a serious understanding of fonts.

After all, graphic designers don’t go to university and spend all that money for nothing. An internal layout is an art, so if you want your book to look like those produced by a publishing house, then we suggest you use the services of an experienced graphic designer.

Word to PDF certainly gets the job done, albeit in a not-so-professional way.

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