‘Print with the power of a publisher’ is much more than just a catchy slogan. Mybookprinting.co is a part of Initiate Media, one of the world’s most influential conservative and Christian media groups.

We know printing, and we can pass on years of experience – so you don’t get caught out. Whether you’re printing a paperback, children’s book, or a coffee table book, we are here to help. We’re also able to help with CD and DVD kits, as well as helping you with cover design and layout.

Self publishing is definitely a viable option for a lot of authors these days, but at the same time, you still need to produce a book that is high in quality. If your book is your new business card, then you need to get it right. And that’s where we play our part in helping you.

Initiate Media’s Ark House is a major Christian book publisher. The book publishing group also consists of Ark House Kids, Ark House Co-Publishing, Ark House Pastor Publishing, and Author Now, which helps self published authors.

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